Artist statement 

I work with superimposed layers of paint and material.
The shapes that appear in my work serve to manifest color. Exploding invented colors coming out of neutral tones. Sometimes, in the mix, recognizable figures may appear adding
a new dimension to the whole. They are hints of infinitely deep universes that escape the margins of the artwork. Color uses all these occurrences to unfold and speak about itself.


When I find texts and thoughts about color I try to put them into practice to discover other perspectives of my painting and complement my scoop. I dialogue with artists from different eras about how they understood color and how they made planes and shapes work together. Occasionally I integrate to my palette the chromatic environment of the workshop, the gallery, the city or the place where my work is located. In this way I embrace surprise as a perceptual method, as an unexpected door to the universe of the artwork.


Mimesis in color manifests the intrinsic force of a wavelength mixing the emotional response of the beholder. Color is not just an attribute, as mimesis is not just a defensive strategy. Color is a subject that manifests in order to load the artwork with a gestalt of its own. From here each one can then superimpose the subjectivity of the gaze.