Adela Casacuberta (Mexico City, 1978)

Lives and works in Montevideo, Uruguay


The work of Adela Casacuberta has a fantastic relationship with visual aspects of natural occurring processes such as the appearance of humidity or the growth of moss. Its development is both simple and mysterious. The shapes that proliferate in her artwork result from accumulation and stacking as a constructive method. Adela refers to these shapes as spots. These are the result of chance and small decisions that elude final interpretations and cast color as the main character.


Throughout her work Adela explores various dimensions of painting as an art form stretching its formal limits. The support plays an important role in fading the limits as it is often camouflaged with the work. Adela uses as a support rough surfaces with traces of paint and stains that give an account of a previous life; broken crockery that introduces accidental geometries, and flattened spheroids reminiscent of mud cakes.


Among her exhibitions and projects stands out her last residence in Assignan, France. She directed the curatorial studio Harto_espacio with which he produced exhibitions in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City and Prague. Her work has been the winner of the Fund for the Promotion of Art and the Fund for Culture, both of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.